Eating Local Is Good For Us All.

So we all grew up and became foodies - pretty much all of us.  And we got used to eating out at restaurants - maybe a little too much.  Somehow we've lost spending time together, as a family, eating local and sustaining our health.  Chef Critcher stepped out of the "dine out"culture and took the restaurant quality experience back to the privacy of the home kitchen.  There is nothing better than spending time with your family... except maybe eating some world class cuisine while you're doing it.  That's Buddha's Bowl.

Meet the Chef

Steven Critcher received his formal Chef's training at Seventh Inn, a macrobiotic professional chef training program run by Hiroshi Hayashi.  Once certified, he spent his time enhancing his knowledge and skill set in some of the nation's top restaurants - Coyote Cafe (Santa Fe), Che Melange (Los Angeles), Terra Cotta Cafe (Tucson), Ovens (Tucson).

After running professional restaurants for years, he turned his own focus to the locavore movement, particularly in Tucson.   Taking his relationships with purveyors, local farmers, and sources, he opened his personal chef business to private clients to combine his culinary expertise with their quest for organic, locally sourced ingredients.


Chef Steven Critcher


Steven has spent many years honing his craft.  If you live in Tucson, you've eaten from his talented kitchens.  If you haven't, you'll find out why his clients love him.

Next Steps...

Call us for a customized consultation - find out how to make the service work for your palate, your family, and your home.