The most common misconception about a personal chef service are the details.  Our service provides you with a customized menu, cooked to your tastes, and ready to go when you come home.  No, this isn't a restaurant.  No, it doesn't mean you have to be there.  No, this isn't expensive - it's cheaper than dining out.

I'm In! What's Next?

Chef Critcher meets with you and discusses your personal foodie favorites -  your nutrition goals (weight loss, paeleo, vegetarian, etc.).  He designs a menu that meets your palate range and cuisine preferences. He shops, cooks, cleans and leaves the meals prepared for you in your home.   All you do is come home, pop open the wine, and set the table.  It's private, convenient, and tailored to you.

How Does He Do It?

Frankly, none of us know.  He has amazed anyone who has worked with him for years.  We can't figure it out.  He shows up, and show stopping food appears.  He is expertise in motion.  Of course, he shops, cooks, and cleans - but as a client - it's like a magic trick.  Your refrigerator is full of amazing food you requested... you know, from your own private chef who has 20 years professional culinary training.  It's pretty much what you'd expect.  That's why he's nick named the Buddha.  Not for any real religious reason, but because he is humble, talented, and clearly above the rest of us mortals.


So How Does It Work?

  1.  You meet with the chef (call him - 5220.668.9010)
  2. He sits and chats with you and finds out your culinary preferences, your dietary needs, your favorite foods, etc.
  3. You start to get the glow - he really is that cool.  You start to think this is the kind of person I want cooking my food.
  4. You set a cook date.
  5. Chef sends you your menu via email for your approval.
  6. Your cook day arrives and so does your food (probably what you've selected are four large mix and match meals.)
  7. You open them, taste, and swoon.  You're set for the week!
  8. You pay the bill, leave the chef feedback, and select your menu for the following week.
  9. Rejoice in the fact that you spent less than dining out for the week - eat amazing food - and everyone at work is jealous of you.